About Us

For more than 40 years, Nationwide Southwest Marketing & Buying Group has helped thousands of Appliance, Electronics, Bedding, Furniture & Outdoor dealers not only to compete but win in today’s competitive marketplace.

Nationwide Southwest is the largest member division of the Nationwide Marketing & Buying Group serving the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico & Louisiana. Together, we are in the business of helping your company grow and providing independent dealers, like yourself, with the programs and services you need to thrive in the marketplace you serve.


Our Mission


A constant evolution of maintaining a sleek, highly maneuverable, tremendously competitive Marketing and Buying Group capable of delivering customer loyalty that is Second to none.

Basic Strategic Execution

Nationwide Southwest negotiates the strongest programs, pricing and services to help improve the strength of every member in the marketplaces they serve.

Retention Through Attention

Nationwide Southwest carefully listens to the needs and desires of all our members providing the necessary tools to help their store’s growth and success.